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Sapa dorm

Option Price
With Breakfast included 8 $US
Without Breakfast 5 $US


The dormitory is one of the best solution for your stay in Pinocchio Hotel. The dorm was built as the model of the Hmong house with the roof of wood, floor covered with carpet. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. The glass and wooden windows give the best view of Violet valley and Sapa town and full of sun light. It is clean and safe. The room are over 50m2, featured of 6 separated one-level-beds width private locking box. It has ensuite toilet with hot and cold water shower and free fiber wifi network. It is convenient for you to get a good accommodation and maybe the opportunities for meeting with the other travellers.

  • Daily breakfast not included in room tarrifs;
  • Free Wifi internet;
  • Extra-beds availables on request;
  • Ensuite bathroom with hot shower;
  • Sleepers;

Sapa Dorm Sapa dorm

Sapa Dorm Sapa Dorm view

Sapa Dorm Sapa Dorm View

Inside dorm Inside dorm

Inside dorm Dorm view